Partnership Levels

HACR Corporate Membership


The vertical integration of the 14 most powerful and influential national Hispanic organizations through HACR can rapidly accelerate outreach to the largest minority group in the nation.


Corporate members are required to participate in the annual HACR Corporate Inclusion Index survey focusing on corporate governance, corporate workforce, and economic development. A partnership with HACR generates a legitimate and credible endorsement due to its performance accountability requirements.


The HACR Research Institute produces unique research on issues related to the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America. The Institute focuses its research in the areas of corporate governance, corporate workforce, economic development, and the Hispanic consumer market.

Capacity Building

The aggregate knowledge and council provided by HACR and its coalition members improves corporate capacity to address the Hispanic consumer market. Also, membership with HACR grows a company’s internal communication and coordination relative to Hispanic inclusion opportunities. Numerous community-based programs are available to corporate members and are provided under separate terms by the HACR coalition member organizations.

Partnership Levels

Associate Member ($15,000 per year)

Associate membership provides an initial introduction to HACR’s constituents. As an Associate member, your corporation can work with the HACR platform in identifying meaningful community commitments from which to build your company’s outreach initiatives. This commitment holds a maximum duration of three years, after which a Generations membership is required. Key among the benefits awarded to an Associate member are complimentary subscriptions to HACR’s quarterly newsletter, the Corporate Observer; the Corporate Alert; access to HACR research publications; invitations to HACR events; and multiple co-branding opportunities.

Generations Member ($25,000 per year)

Generations membership positions your corporation as a fully committed corporate citizen and partner to the U.S. Hispanic community. It provides your company with a diverse set of platforms from which to communicate your company’s commitment to the U.S. Hispanic market, and thus enjoy high public visibility and brand recognition. In addition to the benefits provided to Associate members, a Generations member receives unlimited access to the HACR Research Institute and its publications, as well as complimentary registrations to HACR events.

HACR 2017 Corporate Membership Booklet

To read the HACR 2017 Corporate Membership Booklet click here.

For more information about Corporate Membership, please contact HACR Director of Corporate Development, Elia Quintana, at development@hacr.org.


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