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Vote today | HACR's Jason D. León is in the running to become the Coors Light 2014 Líder of the Year

Jason D. León, senior director of corporate relations, communications, and programs at the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) has been selected as one of 12 Coors Light Líderes for his exceptional contributions to the Latino community. The public can visit www.coorslightlideres.com now through October 30 to vote for Jason D. León. If he is chosen as the Coors Light Líder of the Year, HACR will receive a $25,000 grant to develop and implement a community leadership program in partnership with Coors Light.

“I am honored to be chosen for this year’s Coors Light Líderes program,” said Jason D. León. “Coors Light has made a commitment to the Hispanic community by investing in emerging Latino leadership, and I am grateful for the opportunity to win a grant for HACR. I hope the public votes for me in support of my goal to be an inspiration for future generations of Latino leaders.”

Jason D. León was chosen as one of the 2014 Coors Light Líderes because of his involvement in helping today’s and tomorrow’s leaders of color obtain the skills needed to achieve career success. Throughout his career Jason D. León has held key roles with organizations such as National Urban Fellows and HACR supporting efforts to increase the representation of people of color in upper-level management in the non-profit, government and corporate sectors. “If we don’t have champions in those top positions, if we are not at the table, our voice isn’t heard and our communities won’t get the attention they deserve” he says.

“Coors Light has a long history of supporting the communities we impact, and we are proud to highlight and reward emerging Latino leaders who are making a difference,” said Alberto Senior, director, community commerce and partnerships for MillerCoors. “All 12 Líderes exemplify determination and commitment, not only in their professional careers, but in helping others.”

If chosen as the Coors Light 2014 Líder of the Year, Jason D. León and HACR will use the $25,000 grant to implement a leadership program that will directly benefit our community. The grant will support a new education initiative to pair young adults with mentors in senior executive roles.

Since 2006, the Coors Light Líderes program has raised awareness and highlighted the achievements of national and local leaders within the Hispanic community. The program offers up-and-coming Latino professionals leadership tools, counsel and networking opportunities. Join the conversation at www.coorslightlideres.com, www.facebook.com/CoorsLightLideres, LinkedIn, and on Twitter using #CoorsLightLideres.

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