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Business Review North America Highlights HACR's Work on Hispanic Inclusion

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is being featured in Business Review North America, a publication with a monthly readership of 55,000 people whose main target audience is C-Suite executives and Fortune 500 companies.

The article gives an overview of our mission, while focusing on the HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII) report and how it measures Hispanic inclusion strategies within corporations' business models at all Fortune 100 and HACR corporate member companies.

Furthermore, the article gives an in-depth look into HACR's Advocate Campaign, an initiative that focuses on advertising, public relations, and marketing efforts to support Hispanic inclusion at the highest corporate levels.

A component of the Advocate Campaign, the award winning documentary film Insider Game is also featured and brings to light the need to diversify corporate boardrooms to ensure more successful and innovative companies.

To read the article on pages 372-379, click here.

To view HACR's Insider Game, click here.

About Business Review North America:

Business Review North America is a leading digital media source of news and content for C-level executives focused on business and industry-specific news throughout the United States. Through its digital magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, Business Review North America helps executives stay up-to-date with the most fundamental operational issues in demanding and ever more competitive global business sectors.

Business Review North America is the territory-dedicated arm of the WDM Group. Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Glen White, WDM Group retains a diversified portfolio of websites and magazines. The group holds a worldwide presence with its global headquarters located in San Diego and additional offices in Boston, Toronto, Mumbai, and England.

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