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Women Leading Change and Innovation in Corporate America

The HACR Research Institute Launches a New Initiative Targeting Women Leading Change and Innovation in Corporate America

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is pleased to announce our partnership with The Everest Project, a nonprofit research collaborative, on a new initiative targeting women leading change in Corporate America. We are seeking executive women to lend their voices to and add their perspectives to a groundbreaking study that will help all leaders and their organizations understand the challenges and facilitators of women leading change and innovation.

“We believe there is great potential in better understanding how gender and race interact to influence and challenge innovation efforts. This project has the potential to transform our understanding of women in leadership positions and help us to better understand the factors that facilitate and hinder women’s effectiveness as change agents” said HACR President and CEO, Cid Wilson.

The ideal participant would be an executive leader who identifies as Hispanic and who sits within 1-3 levels of the CEO, with both people and P&L responsibility. Selected participants will be asked to share their stories of leading in a dynamic and innovation-driven business environment. “The Everest Project is a brave new voice for women and their companies. The stories of these multicultural women will help their companies break new ground now and into the future” said Lily Tang, co-founder of the Everest Project.

The Everest Project aims to understand how women lead through crisis, business transformation, high growth, and unpredictability, and will no doubt have an impact across industries such as energy, entertainment, industrials, pharmaceuticals, media, and technology among others. It is also important that the project reflect the diverse functions in which women lead, including marketing, operations, R&D, and strategy to name a few. The focus of the Everest Project is multicultural we are looking for interested women who are not only Hispanic, but also those who identify as LGBTQ, Pan Asian, White, and Black. Interested women are encouraged to contact Dr. Lisette M. Garcia, director of the HACR Research Institute via email lgarcia@hacr.org. Your support in this projects is necessary for its success.

For more information on the Everest Project please visit their website.

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