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HACR Board of Directors to Visit Big Three Automakers in Detroit for Direct Dialogue on Their Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts in the Hispanic Community

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) announced today that members of its 16 member coalition will visit the Big Three automakers: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors, this week to discuss their corporate social responsibility efforts in the Hispanic community. The visits allow for direct dialogue between the leaders of the 16 largest nonprofit organizations in the Hispanic community and the executive leadership from the Big Three automakers.

These visits enable HACR to hear firsthand from company executives on the challenges they are facing and opportunities for increasing Hispanic inclusion across HACR’s four pillars of economic reciprocity: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. Additionally, the visits will enable the HACR board to better understand how to strengthen their partnerships with the Detroit automakers. The HACR board of directors will meet with Ford Motor Co. on November 17th, Fiat Chrysler on November 18th, and General Motors on November 19th.

“For nearly 30 years HACR has advocated for greater Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America at levels commensurate with our economic contributions,” said Cid Wilson, president and CEO of HACR. “We welcome the chance to further our mission by engaging in open discussions with the Big Three automakers in Detroit.”

“These meetings provide us with the ability to not only hear the challenges the Big Three automakers face to achieve greater levels of Hispanic inclusion, but also open the door to discussing the importance of nurturing, developing, and leveraging the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic community for continued business success,” said Ignacio Salazar, HACR board chairman who is also president and CEO of SER – Jobs for Progress National, Inc.

For 2016, HACR's leaders are planning to make additional company and industry visits, including Silicon Valley companies, where diversity challenges have been well-documented.

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