The HACR Research Institute (HRI) is the research arm of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR). The Institute is devoted to objective research, analysis and publication of Hispanic-related issues in Corporate America. The Institute focuses its research along HACR's four pillars: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy and Governance. The goal of The Institute is to assess current Hispanic affairs and stimulate discussion on Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.

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With the release of HACR’s first corporate governance study in 1993, HACR set and raised the bar on research focused on Hispanics in Corporate America, or Hispanic inclusion as we call it. Prior to the governance study, research on this matter was limited and sporadic at best.

As a direct result of that ground breaking study and others that followed, HACR quickly established its credibility when it came to objective, informative and thoughtful research as it relates to Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.

Today, HACR continues to be the “go to” organization for this kind of research as a result of our partnership with some of American’s most relevant thought leaders, be it Fortune 500 corporate directors, C-Suite executives, the best and brightest young executives, or our strategic partners and alliances.

Increasing Supplier Diversity

How can we better leverage, strengthen, and develop Hispanic suppliers? Those are questions we are often asked by HACR CII participants. To better be able to answer these questions the HACR Research Institute has undertaken a special project focusing on the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for increasing supplier diversity.

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Corporate Inclusion Index

HACR’s Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII) survey, a crucial component of the organization's Corporate Accountability Strategy, helps gain an understanding of business practices by measuring and reporting on Hispanic inclusion strategies within the corporation's business model at all Fortune 100 and HACR corporate member companies.

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Latinos on Corporate Boards

Since the 1993 ground breaking corporate governance study, HACR has systematically researched this topic and is the subject matter expert on it.

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Published Research

To view and for free downloads of HACR’s published research click here

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