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Corporate Inclusion Index (CII)?

The Corporate Inclusion Index (CII) is HACR’s corporate accountability survey that assesses companies on their inclusiveness of Hispanics. Since 2009, HACR has been collecting data on the status of Hispanics in Corporate America with a primary focus on HACR’s four pillars: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. This survey provides an opportunity for companies to evaluate their diversity and inclusion practices and outcomes for Hispanics. Can your company identify opportunities to leverage the growing U.S. Hispanic population?

The HACR CII was conceptualized in 2009, with one simple question in mind, “What makes a company “good” for Hispanics”? Since then the HACR Research Institute has held in person meetings, conference calls, and webinars to truly understand not only research objectives, but the needs of participants as well.


Data for the HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (CII) is drawn from a survey designed and administered by the HACR Research Institute (HRI). Invitations to participate in the HACR CII survey are sent to Fortune 100 companies, HACR Corporate Members, past HACR CII participants, and those expressing an interest in participating.

Participants are responsible for answering qualitative and quantitative questions covering Hispanic inclusion in HACR’s four pillars: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance.

HACR staff provides participating companies with additional assistance and advice throughout the process. We review submitted documentation for appropriate language and consistency with survey answers. Corporations are also invited to provide HACR staff with any additional information, corrections to data, and/or updates prior to finalizing their ratings.

what do we measure?

Given the importance of securing “good” jobs to the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and families in the United States it is crucial for HACR to ensure that Hispanics are well represented in those “good” jobs. Hispanics should not simply be left to occupy marginal jobs because of the convergence of a multitude of factors including the precarious nature of immigration in the United States or perceptions about race, ethnicity, and gender.

Many companies are starting to recognize that, much like overall employee diversity, supplier diversity is also a business imperative. Supplier diversity impacts large firms and small businesses enabling them to grow their consumer base, develop community relationships, and build their brands among potential new customers and partners. By providing vendor opportunities to underrepresented suppliers and facilitating the success of Hispanic-owned businesses, corporate giants have the power to promote the economic development of the local and regional areas surrounding these businesses. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

People who live and work, either for themselves or someone else are the lifeblood of community economies, which is why HACR focuses so intently on Employment and Procurement as principles that guide our mission. But what about Corporate America’s role in the community through service and financial contributions for the greater good, which help to sustain quality of life for those in need? Corporate social responsibility through the work of their charitable arms is equally as important for ensuring the long term growth and sustainability of the Hispanic community in the United States Successful businesses have an obligation to give back to the communities in which they are embedded and by doing so help to prepare the next generation to succeed. There is so much that can be done to contribute to the development of communities around the U.S. and there is nothing more rewarding than involving your employees in building that goodwill.

Governance, which examines corporate leadership, is potentially the most important pillar of HACR’s mission. Employment, Procurement, and Philanthropy all play a role in the sustained growth of the Hispanic community in the United States. However, Governance sets the tone for how effective all policies in HACR’s other pillars will ultimately be. The C-suite influences corporate culture and is responsible for creating an environment where diversity and inclusion can thrive. Leaders who understand that, fully champion the cause, and aren’t afraid to leverage their influence for positive gains, are needed to affect change.

The next generation of Americans needs to see themselves reflected in the leadership of Corporate America, and while we have made modest gains, there is still more work to be done. What are companies doing to impact meaningful change and how are we holding them accountable for the needed cultural shift?

How are companies rated?


Until 2017, The HACR CII criteria had remained constant since its inception since 2009. The new HACR CII ratings are designed around two focus areas – a practice assessment and an outcomes assessment for each of the four pillars.

  • The practice assessment consists of twenty-five elements which examine what type of support or infrastructure a company has in place for Hispanic diversity and inclusion. These questions are comprised of a series of yes or no and multiple choice questions. 
  • The outcomes assessment, which consists of five elements, examines key indicators or measures by which companies evaluate progress on Hispanic diversity and inclusion. These questions are typically quantitative in nature. 

Each pillar is rated separately on a five star rating system. Each pillar is rated separately. The five stars are based on a composite assessment of processes and outcomes.

  • Process assessment – A maximum of four (4) stars is possible. Stars are awarded based on a percentage achieved out of 25 total items per pillar. 
  • Outcomes assessment – There is one (1) star possible for the outcomes assessment. This star is awarded based on a company meeting the minimum threshold for at least three (3) out of five (5) quantitative elements per pillar.
The new rating system permits HACR to dialogue with a participating company around very specific processes on diversity and inclusion. We work to identify opportunities for improvement, highlight best practices, and review outcomes on their Hispanic diversity and inclusion efforts.

will this assessment
help my company?

Yes! We collaborate with our survey participants to evaluate and discuss performance in various areas of business practice, and leverage data to make informed decisions on policies that help companies improve performance in these areas. 

Corporate America and the United States more generally, is in a unique position right now – it must learn how to work with the Hispanic community to further business interests or risk losing opportunities with one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. Companies need to recognize this opportunity and truly leverage it to their advantage to help them on their diversity journey.

Corporate Inclusion Index
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Did your company get 5 stars in one or all of our pillars? Then we want to recognize your company for reaching that goal. Visit HACR’s Corporate Inclusion Index Awards Dinner to learn more.

partner with us

Committing to the HACR CII is a major first step in the right direction for many companies. The HACR CII is a true partnership, in working together to improve Hispanic inclusion we not only work to achieve our goals, but we also help companies to achieve theirs.

It also helps us identify areas of opportunity for our participants. Our goal with the HACR CII is to shift the focus from compliance and reporting to sustainable cultural change informed by good data, that evolves as needed. Through open lines of communication, transparency, and discussion of mutual goals, goals that move beyond simply counting people and (dollars) to making people and (dollars) count, we will positively impact Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.

about the hacr
research institute

The HACR Research Institute (HRI) is the research arm of HACR and is devoted to objective research, and analysis of issues facing Hispanics in Corporate America. The goal of the HRI is to assess current Hispanic trends and stimulate discussion on inclusion. Through the HRI, HACR publishes the annual Corporate Inclusion Index, which includes a picture of the state of Hispanics in Corporate America in Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. The research institute also publishes the Corporate Governance Study, and other independent studies conducted internally and through partnerships with leading advocacy organizations.

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