Join the HACR Familia!

Our Mission

At HACR, our goal is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions. We strive to create an exceptional culture with purpose-driven teams to fufill this mission. Explore our open positions and find out hose you can make a difference.

Our Motto

We work with hundreds of executive leaders from Fortune 500 and HACR Corporate Member companies who share the passion and commitment to the advancement of Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.


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The HACR team is made up of amazing individuals from diverse backgrounds deeply committed to the organization’s mission. Through collaboration, the HACR team works together to increase Hispanic representation in Corporate America. Click on our photo to know more about our experience and background. 

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Cid Wilson

President & CEO


Dr. Lisette Garcia

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Mayra Espinoza

Vice President of Programs and Events


Eric Lopez

Senior Manager of Research


Vanessa Bowling

Manager of Operations


Briana Wright

Graphic Designer


Stephany Guachamin

Programs Associate of Executive Programs


Alida Minkel

HACR Corporate Development Associate


Ileana Ruiz

Administrative Assistant