leadership pipeline program

WHAT IS THE leadership
Pipeline Program?

The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) Leadership Pipeline Program (LPP) is a two day professional development and leadership program for Hispanic/Latino mid-level managers with high performance potential. Sessions feature thought leaders in the areas of promotion strategy, mentorship aquisition, external branding. executive best practices, and employee resource group leadership. HACR’s LPP provides Hispanic/Latino corporate talent and employee resource group (ERG) leaders the opportunity to enhance needed leadership and managerial skills to prepare for future high-level executive positions.

WHo attends?

Hispanic mid-level corporate managers who aspire to better position themselves for future executive positions. Program participants will gain practical insights from industry leaders as they prepare for career advancement. Program is open to any Hispanic mid-level manager employee in Corporate America. No prerequisites or company nominations are required t attend. 

what to expect?

Sessions will feature subject-matter experts and thought leaders in the areas of corporate governance, management and talent development, employee resource group leadership (ERG), and more. In the past, this program hosted dynamic speakers from Altria, At&T, McDonald’s, Macy’s, and Walmart. This program provides the tools and strategies that can position you for potential advancement within your company. Leave with valuable insights from leaders who reached the highest levels of executive success in Corporate America. 

Hispanic corporate talent and ERG leaders enhance their skill set to better position themselves for future executive positions. In addition to our great content network, with fellow peers! Relate to participants on a professional, personal, and cultural level. Learn from each other on practices companies are using to advance Hispanic inclusion. 

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